Fredlaw Transportation LLC

Grand Island, Florida


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Fredlaw Transportation LLC

Agents for: American Transport Inc.

"A Member of the TII family of Companies"

Agency Code: AT985



352-900-1417 text

** Carrier utilizes an imaging/scanning system, and will provide imaged copies of such documents. Carrier will not provide original documents under any circumstances***

**To the extent that subject matter is not specifiacally addressed in a written agreement with Carrier, then the rules and provisions of our tariff will apply. The rules and rates herein apply to all shipments handled by Carrier, whether on Carrier's trailer or via "towaway" services in which Carrier is supplying a tractor and a driver to transport a loaded or empty trailer or other towable shipment owned by customer. The ruels and rates herein apply to all shipments regardless of whether they are subject to the jurisdiction of the Federal Motor Carrier Administration***